Top Best Web Browsers for Mac Users

Mac is Apple’s user interface just like Windows 7/8 is the user interface (also called OS or operating system) for Windows. The Mac supports a variety of web browsers but there are some browsers that are best compatible with the Mac version the user is using.

Mac OS is one of the most popular operating systems in the world with millions of users increasing every second. People check their emails and social networking sites almost all the time voluntarily and therefore it is like a daily chore for all of us.? Web browsing is better when experienced via the right browser. Here are some browsers which are best suitable for viewing in Mac.

List of best web browsers for Mac:

Apple Safari

This is the default browser, which comes with the Apple device. This is a stylish, speedy, and interactive browser, which comes as a default with the device. There are features like easy social sharing, Speed-dial, iCloud integration to push?web pages to other devices, Mac-like interface, RSS integration, etc. However, it is not compatible with non-Mac operating systems.

Mozilla Firefox

Mozilla Firefox is one of the best browsers and is a favorite amongst most users. This browser goes very well with Mac periodically suggesting various updates and downloads essential for the working of the system. Mozilla Firefox is user-friendly and boosts internet speed as well. This browser is also well suited for individuals valuing privacy more than anything as Firefox essentially prompts the users to choose which things to share and which ones not to.

Google Chrome

Google Chrome though designed by Google works well on Apple and non-Apple systems alike. This is a minimal web browser occupying very little space in the system. Chrome is also uncluttered and provides a customized web experience that every user is bound to like. Unarguably for Mac operating systems, this web browser is rated top-class by many users.


Opera is another web browsing software whose earlier versions were very time-consuming and bad, but the newest Opera is a killer in the actual meaning of the term. It is improved, has better speed, and has very good tab navigation which allows the user to browse through various tabs between different sites. Opera is a safe web browser and is protected from virus and malware attacks.

Torch Browser

Using the same chromium project as Chrome, the Torch browser is one of the most popular Chromium browsers. It comes with features such as Torch Music, emoji, video download, social sidebar, torrent support, etc. are some of the great features that make people love this browser. It supports every chrome extension to increase its feature if the user wants.

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Maxthon Web Browser

Another favorite among Mac users, this web browser is similar to any good web browser and has a very good interface that is also uncluttered. There is a full-screen option as well to enjoy the web browsing experience like never before. An additional added feature is the Cloud Push feature, which allows users to specific device or to a friend or relative or push any browsed website to an online cloud account.

Omni Browser

This website is for users who want the problem of compatibility solved and it has thumbnails allowing easy storage of the pages most visited. Omni browser also has interesting plug-ins that prove to be interesting. Though the speeds are a little low in this browser but still this browser is okay to operate.


Thus the above browsers are the best-supporting browsers? for Mac and by using them the user will definitely feel its advantages, speed improvement, and seamless browsing being some of them.

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