Texting Games to Play With Your Crush

Texting or messaging is nowadays become a part of our life in the era of WhatsApp and Facebook. Everyone does texting for work or maybe chit-chatting. But when you want to spend more time with your crush and don’t want to end the conversation, what do you do to keep talking and not get bored with those typing and emojis. You would rather feel like what else could I talk more about to let not my crush go?

So for such circumstances, you have few games to play while you text as they are texting games and cost nothing, and the most important part is you don’t have to let go of your crush and also strengthen your bond by having fun.

List of Texting Games to Play With Your Crush

Few are texting games that are fun to play and to spice up your conversation:

Mobile Scavenger Hunt –

Engage your crush by playing a game similar to a treasure hunt. Make your crush find out your simple answers while you send out clues or message some pictures to help find the answer. Like, ask your crush ‘Which is the place we first met, the exact spot?’ continue giving clues and directions. From this game, you can also understand how much your crush knows about your relationship and also you can surprise your crush by suddenly coming out of the place which they were supposed to find.

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Would You Rather..

A simple text game to play when you are curious to know whether your crush would do something else or have something else in place of you. But beware the game is just for fun and laughs. Text a series of questions like ‘Me or a slice of the chocolate game?’ or ‘Me or your play station?’. Make it as difficult you can by comparing your favorite things with you. This is a game to enjoy together by taking chances to ask questions.

Romantic Love Story –

Create a beautiful romantic story while you text. See how you both can remember the day you spent together. Send something like ‘Long ago, there was a pretty girl standing in a bus stand’ and your crush would continue, ‘So pretty that the boys next to him couldn’t take his eyes off.’ In such a manner you could make it funny or romantic and express your feelings too.

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Kiss, Marry, Kill –

A best game to know whom does your crush have some secret fantasy about. Text? names of persons and ask your crush what would they do to that person KISS? KILL? or MARRY? Make sure to give those names you know they can’t stand.

Complete the sentence –

It is yet another game to encourage your partner to revert very interesting answers. Text an incomplete sentence and your crush would answer it and you would know how comfortable you are with your crush. ‘You can start your game like If you are alone with me in a lift, you would ?’. Wait for the fun answers to get and be ready to give one.

Try playing texting games that are healthy to play and will help you to give a great start to a new beginning.

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