Top 5 Best YouTube Extension for Chrome

YouTube revolutionized our perception of videos and now millions watch videos every day.  Many stars are born doing YouTube videos. Also, Google Chrome is one of the most extensively used browsers. Both YouTube and Chrome are products of Google they bond really well. So it is recommended to watch the videos in the Chrome browser.  and to make the video watching even more simple and convenient, some extensions are to be installed or added to the browser. Here we bring you the Top 5 Best YouTube Extension for Chrome for a seamless video watching experience. The best are listed below-

List of Best YouTube Extension for Chrome

1.Auto HD for YouTube

This Chrome extension helps decide the best mode of viewing for you depending upon the internet connection and player size. As the name suggests this mode turns on the 720p or 1080p view coupled with the much popular auto widening effects as soon as it is available thus sparing you from the trouble of adjusting the settings every time a user opens up a video. This extension works best with high-speed internet. This feature is automatic and the user need not press any button or click any options for enabling it.

2. Turn off the lights

This is another handy extension for video-crazy YouTube users who prefer to watch multiple videos within a short span in any view but full screen. This invaluable extension helps dim the lights of other videos that might crowd the screen and distract your eyes from the video you’re supposed to see.

It also frames the ongoing video so that the user has no trouble concentrating. For activating, the user just needs to click the bulb located at the Chrome address bar or type Ctrl+Shift+L to toggle between normal and dimmed view and everything but the player will fade to darkness. This view also saves your device’s battery.

3. Toggle comments

While watching a video, we notice the comments section is flooded with profane language and slang which we obviously do not like. This priceless Chrome extension helps us by disabling the comments section. As the name clearly indicates the comments can be opened by switching the Comments? bar and the section appear again. Viewer comments are often of no value and add to the garbage, thus by switching them off one can save some internet data and the massive irritation caused by them.

4.YouTube lyrics

YouTube lyrics by Rob W is another hit Chrome extension that displays lyrics to any songs you play. Thereby is an invaluable companion for people looking for karaoke competitions. For music and song enthusiasts, this key Chrome extension may be the difference between winning and losing. The lyrics are displayed to the right-hand side of the screen, hence just adding this extension to the Chrome tab solves the problem. Equipped with lyrics from various sources this extension does a pretty good job of showing the lyrics.

5. YouTube Options (YTO)

This extension with Chrome helps control your YouTube account in a way you have never ever imagined. With options ranging from disabling those pestering advertisements and annotations to autoplay options to changing video size and resolution, everything is a click away! Additional features include SSL, full Cosmic Panda support, looping and replay, and optional flash pre-buffering. In short, this option lands a myriad number of options in front of the user for hs convenience.


Thus to conclude, we see the above five extensions are the best YouTube extensions available in Chrome; their functions are also important for the normal day-to-day user. Coupling the extensions to Chrome browser is extremely advisable and beneficial to users who spend a considerable time every day watching and surfing videos in YouTube.

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