Best Drug Apps for Nurses in 2022 – Top Rated Apps

There are hundreds of drug apps available for nurses. Today I am going to discuss some best drug apps for nurses that help a lot. As we know, everyone has a smartphone nowadays and apps are there for everyone. so it is time for nurses to get with the trend. More and more apps are being released for nurses, so you carefully use these apps to increase your productivity.

Best Drug Apps for Nurses

As there are many apps available on the internet but I choose a few best drug apps. Here is the list of apps:


Epocrates by Epocrates, inc is a free app for nurses. You can say It is one of the best apps for nursing students in 2022. This app provides prescribing and safety information for brand-name, generic, and over-the-counter drugs. Using the app, you can look up potentially harmful drug-drug interactions for up to 30 drugs at a time and can identify medications by their imprint code and physical characteristics.

– Rx and OTC monographs: pharmacology, prescribing and safety information, adult and pediatric dosing, adverse reactions, contraindications, black box warnings, pregnancy, and lactation considerations, and more
– Drug interaction checker: prevent harmful interactions between up to 30 brand, generic, OTC, or alternative drugs
– Pill identifier: organized by shape, color, imprint code, etc.

Best Drug Apps for Nurses in 2022 - Top Rated Apps

Davis’s Drug Guide for Nurses

The medical information that nurses need – when, where, and how they need it!

Davis’s Drug Guide for Nurses contains well-organized monographs for thousands of generic and trade-name drugs reflecting the latest FDA approvals and changes.

The EIGHTEENTH EDITION – Life-saving guidance, at a glance :

Over 5,000 drug monographs covering trade names and generics.

Organized by generic drug names, with an index that includes generic and trade names, classifications, combination drugs, and herbals.

Drug-drug, drug-food, drug-natural product interactions.

Cross-referencing of drugs.

Herbal content.

Pedi, Geri, OB, and Lactation cautions

IV administration sections

REMS (Risk Evaluation and Mitigation Strategies)

Pharmacogenomic content

Canadian-specific content

Audio pronunciations for drug names.

Appendices and much more


Take personalized notes throughout the app’s drug monographs, color code them; even include images.

Search gets you the content you need in a flash.

Bookmarks return you to your most used content with ease.

Best Drug Apps for Nurses in 2022 - Top Rated Apps

Nursing Central

Nursing Central is not a single app but a combination of the top five apps. Five best-selling nursing apps combine to form the premier, integrated clinical nursing solution. Use valuable tools to find and apply the information you need. You can even use this app on your Laptop. But you should have the best laptop for nurses if you want to use the best nursing apps.

Google Translate

You can even use google translate for this purpose. We use this app on a monthly basis. Sometimes getting a translator is more hassle than it’s worth when all you need to do is ask them where their pain is. The app will even speak for you if you don’t feel comfortable attempting to say “¿Tiene dolor?” to your patient. This simple app can increase your rapport with patients while also saving you a lot of time.

Skyscape Medical Library

The Skyscape Medical Library app is the only decision-support tool for Physicians, Nurses, Students, and Healthcare Professionals with over 400 resources/titles from leading Publishers, Authors, and Medical Societies. Originally released over 20 years ago as the first mHealth tool of its kind, over its lifetime it has been trusted by more than 2.6 million Healthcare Professionals (HCPs) to access the medical resources they know and trust at the point of care.

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