8 Ways to Make YouTube Videos Load Faster

Watching videos online automatically directs your brain to YouTube which is one of the most popular sites for uploading, downloading, and watching videos. Amazingly this site is not only used as an entertaining medium but also as a tutorial medium, earning medium for some, and also a revolutionary medium sometimes (ice bucket challenge).

The major problem with such an extensively used website is its time consumption during buffering of data. Even if you are at the highest speed of the internet, a few seconds are automatically wasted to buffer the video and then play it. The article further reads on how to make youtube videos load faster so that your buffering time can be effectively reduced.

Here are different ways to Make YouTube Videos Load Faster

Improve your internet signal strength

If you are Wi-Fi; try to move where you can get maximum signal strength. For this, you may also need to adjust your router and avoid blockage due to microwave or any remote-controlled refracting signal devices. If you are on broadband or dongle, try to use the network with maximum network connectivity.

Internet sharing or Hotspot

Check out it any other devices are connected to the same Wi-Fi and try to minimize it. This will help in reducing the bandwidth sharing hence allowing improving the buffering speed of your videos.

Direct connection

For better loading of data; try direct connection of your personal computer or laptop to the router via Ethernet cord. This will boost up your internet speed.

Better Browser

The browser on which you are accessing the internet should be updated one such as google chrome. It should also have updated graphics and for this, you simply need to update your browser. In various countries internet performance differs depending on the browser, therefore you may try out different browsers to know which one serves you best.

Videos at low-quality stream

It has been studied that videos with low bandwidth such as 144p, 240p, and 360p take comparatively less time to load than videos of high bandwidth such as 480p, 720p, and HD versions take. Hence if you watch and tutorial video or something just for entertainment video then you can choose 144p or 240p which will smoothly play on your PC.

Other Internet Activities

Working on multiple tabs and browsing different websites should be stopped. This will improve your bandwidth focus and will allow the videos to load at a much faster rate.

Blocked range of IP

  • This is one of the technical parts in the fast loading of YouTube videos as some IP ranges may get blocked due to Content Distribution Network (CNDs). For Windows, Mac, and Linux there are different steps to handle this issue.

For windows-

In command Prompt, type the following command, press enter and close it.

  1. netsh advfirewall firewall add rule name=?YouTubeTweak? dir=in action=block remoteip=, enable=yes


For Mac OS X and Linux-

  • In terminal window type the following command and press enter.

sudo ipfw add reject src-ip in

  • Then give the admin password, type the following command and again press enter.

sudo ipfw add reject src-ip in

Using feather_beta-

For much more faster loading of YouTube videos, you may go to your browser and type the following link on the address bar.

  • https://www.youtube.com/feather_beta

This link will take you the another version of YouTube site which increases the speed to download and buffer by reducing the total number of bytes.? Click on Join Feather Beta and start viewing videos with no more time taking buffering.


Along with better connectivity, internet speed, updated browsers, sometimes even the performance of computers and its processors effect the loading of YouTube videos. Hence make sure that all the above things are appropriate watch videos smoothly on your computer.

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