Quick Ways to Increase Internet Download Speed

Most of the people today become tired for their low internet download speeds. That’s why, they are constantly looking for the ways to increase Internet download speed. Basically, it is impossible to  optimize the internet performance completly. Actually, internet speed depends on some important factors, to increase the internet performance, users must maintain the factors.

increase download speed

Here are some tips and tricks to optimize the internet performance:

1. Try to get a well matched modem or routerd

One of the biggest reasons of slowing down the internet speed is a bad modem. To get the better one, most of the user tried hundred of modem, but the end result is same. It is suggessted by the specialist, before getting any modem, you have to check its performance. So  before purchsing, verify that your modem is well-matched your internet plan which you are on.

Trick: You can also use Tubemate on PC to increase download speed from Youtube.

2. Virus or Malware

Another big reason is virus or malware. Virus or malware have the capacity to take all the important information from your PC or Laptop and then sending them to the author by utilizing your internet connection, this procedure can slow down the internet speed. Apart from this, there are also various type of virus which utilizes your internet connection for different nasty works and generally make your network jam.

  1. You must have an powerful antivirus which can protect your computer perfectly from all aspect, particularly if your internet is connected.
  2. Try to run the virus scan minimum once a week or more, if you are downloading any important files. There is other important factor that keeps in  mind that you should get only one antivirus program on your computer.

3. Background Running Software

The next important reason of decrease internet performance is running some background software. It can slow down nearly 67% users internet speed. All most all user like to install some new software on their PC. But it is also observed that most of them don’t give proper concentration to the installation procedure. They only concentrate on pressing next until the whole thing is completed.

  1. There are various types of application that run on the background of your system, user may not have any information about that.
  2. In this situation, you have to check the list of software, If find out the software that hogging internet bandwidth, uninstall it immediately. Because this type of software can slow down the internet speed.

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4. Web Browser

The web browser which you use can make huge difference in your downloading speed. Browsing or downloading speed is completely depend on the browser brand and version. So that try to use high speed browser such as Chrome and Firefox. Also try to keep them updated as well.

5. Don’t clear the browsing cache and history

Caches and cookies are extremely important for user that assist them to keep from requesting the same data from servers if the user visit the website more than one. At the same time, cookies must be utilized to track you also, but if you clear the cookies or cache, this procedure becomes totally disable. Then every time you open the browser and have to make a request to the server for same data and it will slow things down.

6. Get a download accelerator

Accelerators are extremely functional and useful. Several of them are really  works. You can download a accelerators on your PC which make the download really easy for you.

7. Download a good anti-adware programs

Adware is such type of software which have the capacity to hijack your browser and send the random advertisements and popups. These programs can slow down your internet speed because they are continuously trying to retrieve pop ups and advertisements.So try to install powerful anti-adware programs which can protect your PC from decrease the internet speed.

So these were some of the basic things which you should keep in mind so that you never miss the high speed internet on your PC. Feel free to share your ideas in the comments below.


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