Hide Files/folders in Windows Using Command Prompt (CMD)

There are many methods to hide the folders and your files on windows for which there are many software out there, free as well as paid which plays the best role in order to protect your privacy and hide your private files and folders easily. But what if you don’t want to show to others that you are hiding something form them using the particular software?

In that case you can use this trick in which you can hide files and folders of your Windows using Command Prompt (CMD). You just have to put some special commands in the CMD and that’s it. You don’t have to install those software and other things.

So, today we have come up with the special trick by which you would be easily able to hide your private file s and folders. This trick works mostly on all windows including windows/7/8/Xp and even windows 8.1 as well.

How to hide files and folders in Windows using Command Prompt (CMD)

Here are the steps to hide the folders using CMD

  • First of all Click on Start->Run or alternatively you may also click the shortcut code, ‘Windows Button + R’.
  • Now enter ‘CMD‘ in the box provided and Press enter to open Command Prompt.
  • 1 Hide Filesfolders in Windows Using Command Prompt

You may also open the CMD in administrator mode if the simple mode doesn’t open perfectly or causing any problem.

Now this is the important thing in which you need to enter the path/location of your file or folder which you want to hidefrom others. As it can be seen by defaults the command prompt window shows ‘C:windows/system32’ in Windows 8.


We are going to hide the folder named as “folder” in D drive, therefore the path will be ‘D’ drive.

  • To get into the drive just enter the “D:”  and press enter.

2 Hide Filesfolders in Windows Using CMD

  • Now final step to hide the file, enter ‘attrib +s +h’ followed by the name of your folder or files and press enter.
  • For example in our case we have entered the code as  ‘attrib +s +h folder’.

3 Hide Filesfolders in Windows 7 8 xp

That’s it.

Now if you see in the D drive you will not see any folder there. Also if you change the setting from folder option and show hidden folder form there, it won’t show there. So you don’t need to worry from the other tech geeks who might be looking through your computer for hidden folders.

How to unhide the hidden files and folders?

Now what if you want to show that folder again, here is the code for that. All the other steps remain same.

  • Enter ‘attrib -s -h’ followed by folder name and enter for example we have entered the code as  ‘attrib -s -h folder’.

4 Hide Filesfolders in Windows CMD windows 7

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So this was the simplest way to hide your private files and folders in windows from any person in case your pc is accessible to others. You neither need to pay to the premium software nor need to install heavy software to do the work for you. You just need to remember the simple code and every time you wanted to hide any file or folder you just type one line and that’s it. I hope this guide worked for you, in case you find any difficulty while doing and implementing the tutorial feel free to ask in the comments below. Also share if you know any other trick to hide files using CMD.


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