Free Ways/Websites to Send Large Files Online

Some time people need to send a big files and have to pay a quite large amount of money. But most of the people do not believe that they can send large file through email. Even most of the mail servers have a restriction on the attachment size, which is maximum 10MB or sometime lass than 10MB

We know that only Yahoo and Gmail allows to share large file and their limitation is 20MB to 25MB. This is not enough for some important files. Free file hosting is not a difficult issue nowadays, but find a high speed server, which can assist you to send or receive big files is not easy.

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There are lots of file hosting websites which are really easy to use, this can make data sharing easier than sending a file through email, whereas there are other various service which can spam you with the limitless pop ups and compulsory membership options.

send large file easily

Free Websites to Send Large Files Online easily

1. How to Send Multiple Large Files Fast

File factory allows the user to upload files up to 300 MB size. There is a convenient thing about the File Factory is that through this website you will be able to upload multiple files. Not only that you will be able to upload file from your PC or remote server. There you have to make a premium server which allows you to upload files or you can use a torrent file.

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2. Send Large Files without Registering any Account[Yusendit]

YouSendIt is also a great file sharing website which has become extremely famous today. It allows the user to upload as well as share files upto 100 MB. The website have an email form by which you can send your file through email from the home page where you can find your uploaded file which you can download for only 7 days.

3. Send Large Files via Firefox Extension is another excellent file sharing service which has the capacity to allow the user upload 100 MB size files. The uploaded files must be downloaded any times and you can also make a password protection for your files to maintain privacy. If you always use Firefox you can easily use the Firefox add-on.

4. Send and Password Protect Large Files for Security

TransferBigFiles allows the user to send a big files of size up to 1 GB through email. You can make the password protection for your file and you will be able to add a personal note to your email which you want to send. When your the recipient download the file, then you can receive email notifications by default. You will be able to send that uploaded file to lots of email recipients with a single click.

5. Send up to 5GB Files for Free

File Dropper is the service which allows the user to send large file. This site also allows you send files more than 5 GB in size. So that, you can easily upload videos, photos, movies with File Dropper. There is a downside of this File Dropper, which is, it cannot allow to upload multiple files at once.

After file transferring is completed, a personal link of the uploaded file is provided to you. You have to do one thing, that copy the link and then mail the link to all of your friends, so they can download it.

So this was the complete list of some of the best resources by using which yo can send large file easily. Please feel free to share any other website if any in the comment below.


  1. Be careful uploading private stuff on some unknown servers. It is much safer to use direct transfer services like Binfer. With Binfer you can send large files of any size. You can drag and drop entire folders with hundreds to pictures. You can send large files with Binfer privately and easily.


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