5 Free Racing Games For Android Phone

Moving fast, beating others and being a champion is just the only motto for every passionate racer. Apart from field, now racing is possible on your Android phone. Just download the best racing games and enjoy the same adrenaline rush in your body. Racing online with multi-players is also available now to energize and excite you from the core.

So, if you are one of those passionate racers, then read the following article for 5 free racing games for Android Users.

Racing Games For Android Phone

Drag Racing

One of the most exciting racing games on Google play store that has been downloaded over a million times. With superior graphics, this game features huge number of real cars ranging from Skyline GT-R, Mustang, BMW M3, Classic 69 and lot more. With this game, feel the real on road racing by challenging your opponent on online multi-player mode. Play this simple game with 9 players online.

drag racing

It is free of cost and has a size of 28 MB.

Real Racing 3

Designed just for car lovers with over 45 amazing sports cars including Porsche, Dodge, Bugatti, Lamborghini, Audi etc, Real Racing 3 is one of the most thrilling racing games on Google Play store. The developers of this game has made 22-card grid racing track along with multi-player feature to make it more interactive and deliver and unbelievable racing experience. It has an innovative time-shifted Multi-player (TSM) technology.


It is free of cost and has a size of 15 MB.

Hill Climb Racing

This game is developed with six different hill climbing environments for the racers who enjoy challenges. It has 3 cars that can be updated with higher distances and includes daring tricks and collecting of coins.

Enjoy this addictive game as it is free of cost and has a size of 20 MB.

hill climb racing

Raging Thunder Free

With amazing 3D graphics and effects, Raging Thunder free is also one of the most thrilling racing games for android platform available on goggle play store. With online internet connection, it can be played with your friends on a multi-player mode and can also be controlled by CPU.

It is free of cost and has a size of just 4.9 MB.

raging thunder

Road Warriors

With killer machines, stunning graphics and booming sound effects, this game is perfectly designed to give a realistic racing experience. It can also be played in multi-player mode.

road warroirs

It is free of cost and has a size varies with the device


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