Fix: Mouse Not Working on Laptop/Computer (Windows 7/8/xp/Mac)

Is your mouse not working in your laptop computer? There may be chances that you are unable to move your mouse properly from one point to another, but here we are specifically talking about the mouse not working completely, which may be either you inbuilt laptop mouse or it may be your external or wireless laptop mouse, the procedure remains the same for both. We will guide you through the simple step to fix this problem in easy and quick way by which you will be able to run you mouse properly again.

Here is the step by step guide to solve mouse not working problem in Windows:

Guide to solve mouse not working problem in Windows:

  • Go to RUN and type “devmgmt.msc” to open device manager or alternatively you can right click on my computer and select device manager.
  •  Now find Mice and other pointing devices and find your mouse.


  •  Now right click on your mouse driver and click Scan for hardware changes.

If above fixes are not working for you then make sure to try following these steps

Check whether your mouse is not turned off:

Your laptop touchpad may usually be turned off using one the function key on the keyboard. These FN key, one of these key usually enables and disables your touchpad. So make sure to cross check.

Checklist 1: Check Hardware damage:

First and foremost step is to check whether they’re any hardware damage or not. When you are done with that then please turn off the windows once to solve the OS related issue if any.

Checklist 2:Add other mouse:

Now second step is to add external mouse to the laptop. Yes you would need an USB mouse in order to this step because it will require you to navigate in Windows to solve the driver related issue. For that you will need to add mouse. Once you have mange to that whether from your friend or your relative, just use it and follow the below steps.

Checklist 3: Unplug any other USB device:

May be the case where you have plugged in many USB devices to your laptop which may cause the trouble for the internal mouse. So you will need to unplug all those external devices in order to solve the issue. For example you might have plugged the hard drive or keyboard in the laptop which may be causing the problem. So just unplug them and see if any changes happen and are the issue had been resolved.

Checklist 4: Check control panel:

  • With the help of external mouse navigate to control panel to see if there is all good with the mouse setting. You can easily do so by following the below steps.Mouse_not_working_on_laptop-2

This way you would be sure that the mouse settings such as sensitivity and other related settings are good. Otherwise you can just set title to the default for better way and it might solve your problem.

These were the simple steps to solve any issue related to the mouse problems in windows. Just make sure to follow each and every checklist carefully. In case none of the method works for you do check out the official Microsoft guide. Please do feel free to share any related questions and query if any in the comments below.


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