Five Best Free Android VPN Proxy App

Everyone in today’s world is worried about the security of his or her mobile phones and the most concerned part is the issue of Internet security especially when you are using the internet for making payments via mobile. Smartphone’s enables you to keep your internet safe and secure through VPN technology.

Virtual Private Network VPN is the technology that enables the user of a Smartphone to add an extra security shield while you surf internet without compromising the loss of private data even when you are using public wifi networks. There are many ways to secure your or say block unwanted content but VPN software or app provides the user with ease to secure the data especially for Android users. As I have already talked about unblocking facebook and unblocking youtube at school, you can use these apps for same purpose and open blocked site at your home offices and colleges.

There are list of VPN app, which might be helpful wherein you can access or block sites and are free to download for Android users:

proxy apps for android

Free VPN Proxy Apps for Android

Hotspot Shield VPN Proxy:

Hotspot Shield is one the best VPN app for Android mobiles and for computers. It provides safe and secure web browsing as well as keeps the privacy to the maximum secure level. Hotspot Shield protects you identity over the web.

SecureLine VPN:

SecureLine VPN is an app developed by Avast, which is famous for the best antivirus worldwide. The private VPN tunnel of secureline VPN encrypts the data using IPsec protocol that makes it tough for hackers to hack your data through public Wifi hotspots.

Spotflux VPN:

Spotflux VPN provides two level of protection and reduces the consumption of bandwidth by compressing the data. This app is suitable for those users who are willing to secure their data and wants to maximize the data plan available in their device.

Hola Fee VPN:

Hola Free VPN is for those users who are willing to have the total security with completely free VPN android app with striking features. Apart from securing and providing access to geographically locked content, Hola App speeds up the browsing by selecting and connecting to the nearest and fastest servers automatically from the 190 countries providing servers.

Speed VPN:

This app allows the user to connect with the internet through servers located at multiple geographical locations. It is designed especially for the web browsing by blocking geographically restricted sites and for watching low-resolution videos. Each session of Speed VPN lasts for 60 minutes and can be reconnected just by a click.

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Internet lets you do anything without any restrictions. Internet provides you with endless opportunities to the users from various ways of information, inventions, discoveries and explorations. However, when you are restricted to use some websites VPN proxy app is the essential technology that enables you to connect with restricted websites.

The list above is the popular VPN proxy apps that might help you ease in your browsing experience and are available for Android devices. Nevertheless, not only five applications are available, you can browse through Play store and there are many several list of VPN proxy app, which will interest you.


  1. Wifi is not secure, I had my banking information stolen when i was in starbucks one day. Since then I’ve been using arcvpn to secure all my connections.

    • I agree with point Tristan, especially public wifi are are not that much secure so give more attention when connected to public wifi. Thanks for your comment.


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