Download SuperBeam for PC Windows 7/8/8.1/Mac Free

Superbeam is the trending app that is very helpful when it comes to transfer huge data wirelessly from one Smartphone to another. Bluetooth has restriction when it comes to transfer large media files due to slow speed it becomes very slow, but Superbeam works very fast even sending files at the rate of 10mbps which is close and even more than pen drives. Therefore we can also use the Superbeam for PC as well, because at any or the other day we need to transfer files and media wirelessly from one PC to another or may be PC windows to Smartphone.


Being very popular on android and iOS Superbeam is easily available for free but for PC users we are here with the tutorial in which we will show you to download this app for PC windows. This works on the entire windows version mainly windows 7/8/8.1 and on Mac too.

Key features of Superbeam on PC:

  1. Speed ranging from 7 Mbps – 11 Mbps which is enough when considering the wireless mode.
  2. Just scan the QR code and that’s it you need to pair the devices, no need to enter codes etc as in Bluetooth.
  3. Port 8080 which is used for all types of transmissions that gives you compatibility on restricted Wi-Fi networks as well.
  4. You can share file within seconds without any interruption in connection or so.

You can also check and download:

How to download Superbeam for PC windows:

Being one of the necessary apps if you transfer large files wirelessly then, this app is must to install for your PC and devices. Therefore we are going to share the two different ways to download Superbeam on PC. If you encountered any problem with any of the method you can use the alternative. Please follow the step by step instruction as mentioned below in order to successful installation of the app.

Method 1: Download Superbeam for PC from official website directly:

Superbeam developer has officially released the PC version of the app for PC users and now you don’t need to worry as you can easily install the app directly to your PC without using any emulator or other third party software.

  • Just go to this link and download the app by clicking on the windows.
  • You can also download Superbeam for Mac OS from the same link.

Method 2: Download Superbeam using Bluestacks:

In case you encountered any difficulty while installing the above app form method 1, then you can also try this method alternatively, as it also easy to do as well.

  • Install Bluestacks by using the official link here.
  • Start the Bluestacks app and now go to search box in upper corner of the app.
  • Now enter Superbeam in the box provided and hit enter.  You may need to sign in with your Gmail account and then search it, in case you don’t find it by searching.
  • Now click on the install and the app will be automatically installed.
  • To open the app again go to Bluestacks>All apps>Superbeam.

all apps bluestakcs

  • That’s it, you are done.

I hope this tutorial to download Superbeam for PC worked for you. In case you get any trouble while downloading or installing the app, ask your query in the comments below. Also make sure that this app will require you to make use of your Wi-Fi, so make sure you turn off Wi-Fi of your devices before transferring the files. Please do share this tutorial with your friends as well.


  1. In bluestacks to receive a file the camera is not working if I click the camera icon (to change front and rear) I am unable to scan the qr code.

    If you can give me a solution for that

  2. I tried method 1. The app got installed in my pc but didn’t work. It says that the receiver should have a pro version. Then I tried method 2. Everything went on well. The app doesn’t get installed in my pc. The message says “Can’t Download app. Error retrieving information from server”

    Will be profoundly pleased if you could provide me with a solution.


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