Download Megapolis for PC free (Windows 7/8/8.1/Xp Mac)

Megapolis is number one city builder game which is very popular due to its unique style and platform. You can imagine e the popularity of the game by the fact that it has been downloaded over 10M times on Google play store with number of positive review. Although the game is available on all the platforms but for PC users have been missing the game because it was not available for PC before, but now you can download the game for PC as well, which we will be showing in the step by step guide in this tutorial.

Megapolis Download Megapolis for PC

Developed by Social Quantum Ltd, this game is fun tycoon strategy game which is very addictive and enhances your creativity when you play the game. Now it’s the time to enjoy this incredible game experience on PC screen with even more amazing graphics and larger screen.

How to Download Megapolis for PC windows:

Let us directly get the different ways to download the game and install it on our PC without wasting the time. Although the game is not officially launched for the PC users but we can still install it on PC by mean of any third party emulator. So here are different methods to download the game to pay it on your windows. This tutorial works for all the windows including windows 7, 8 8.1 and XP too.

Also install:

Method 1: Play on Facebook

I am sure you must use Facebook on your PC. If yes, you can use Facebook to play the game and additionally you can share what you are up to with your Facebook friends. So if you want to play the game on FB, just search for the game and start playing it right now.

Method2: Install using emulator:

In this method e are going to use Bluestacks which is widely popular android emulator. Here are step by step guide to install the software and then installing the game on it.

  1. Firstly to download and install BlueStacks, go to the official site of BlueStacks here.
  2. For successful installation of Bluestacks just to follow the on-screen instruction.
  3. Now in the home screen, you would see the search box, click on the search box to search for the game. For this by typing “Megapolice” in the search box provided and hit enter.bluesatcks-search
  4. Now click on the game to automatically download and install the game. If you don’t find the game make sure to sign in with your play store account or you may create a new account by using Gmail.
  5. Now to run the game on your PC go to “All apps” and click on the app icon to run the game.

That’s it. Now you have successfully installed the game and you are ready to enjoy the incredible experience of the game.

I hope this guide to download Megapolic for your PC worked for you. I would recommend you to install the graphics drivers for smooth and lag free gameplay, in case you have encountered a trouble. Although if you still get any trouble while installing the game, feel free to ask in the comments below.


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