Download Flappy Bird for PC Windows XP, 7, 8 MAC

Flappy Bird is one of the games that got the tremendous popularity in the recent time. Firstly available for the android Smartphone the play store that game created the buzz in the app world and got millions of download in such a short span of time that you cannot predicted, another buzz came when the creator of the game removed the game from the official play store.


Therefore it is sad news now that you can’t download the game for your android as of but you can always the play the game on your PC. In this guide we will be showing the tricks and steps to download Flappy Bird for PC by different methods by which you would not miss the glimpse of so popular game ever.

Flappy Bird features for PC windows

When it comes to those who don’t know about the game here are the features that make this game on of the unique game and therefore makes it wildly popular.flappy-bird-game

  • The game has the unique touch as game is very addicted you have to manage the flappy bird not hit the pipes across the lane. The game is very simple to play but as I said, it is very addictive and unique in nature which is why it created so much buzz.
  • Although the game may also brings the “Mario” memory back but the gameplay is very addictive and it provides all the simple but effective gameplay. The user interface is so simple that you can install the game on your device easily.
  • You should check and try the game yourself which will give the more about the game itself. I will be showing the different methods to download and install the game here.

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How to download Flappy Bird for PC

There are different ways by which you can take the advantage of game on your PC; here I will be explaining each of these methods in details.

Method 1: Play Flappy Bird online on PC

Now the best thing about the game is that you can play the game online for free. Therefore it is the best way to play the game, however if you don’t want to play the game in online mode you should check the methods mentioned below to install the game on PC.

All you have to play the game online is to go to site here and start playing the game.

Method 2: Download the game for PC using bluestacks

Although the game is not available on Google play store but with the help of apk file from third party we can easily install the game on our pc, here are the steps that you need to follow in order install the game on your pc.

  1. Install Bluestacks by using official website from where you can get the software for free and easily.
  2. Now install the software which is quiet easy to do as you need to follow the on –screen instruction only.
  3. Now you need to download the apk file separately form the third party source, here is the link to download the apk.
  4. Once downloaded right click on the apk and click “open with Bluestacks” option to start the appopen-with-bluestacks
  5. You can now play the game always from All apps>>Flappy bird in the Bluestacks.


Method 3: Alternative to download the Flappy bird for pc windows

In case you find any difficulty while installing the app on your pc then you can use the alternative method. Here are the steps to follow in order to download the app.

  1. Firstly download Andy software for your PC first by going to its official website here
  2. Now install Andy on your computer
  3. Start the Andy and then follow on screen instruction to start it.
  4. Now again download the separate APK from here.
  5. Now open the apk with emulator to launch the app.
  6. Now you can enjoy playing the game on your pc as well.

I hope this tutorial to install the Flappy Bird for pc worked for you and you are enjoying the game. Please feel free to share your experience and any other query if any in the comments below. Also feel free to share the tutorial with your friends.


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