6 Best Screen Recording and Capture Apps for Mac Free

There are various reasons that you’d have to take screen recordings on your Mac including build a software demo for your work, to send a useful walk-through to your parents, to include some attractive feature to your school presentation, or to capture something entertaining or funny to share within the group of your companions.

Apple already creates screen-capturing into QuickTime but there are huge amount of excellent screen-recording options found in the Mac App Store, like something that don’t break your bank account. Here are the best ones!

Best Free Screen Recording and Capture Software for Mac

1. Mac Screen Recorder Studio

The Mac Screen Recorder Studio is one of the powerful and influential screen casting software which run nicely on Mac. This software merges with ultimate screen capture and high quality video editor that can work into one desktop application. There are simple and user friendly interface by which you can make your presentation and demonstration within few minute.



Through this great software, you will be able to record any on-screen action and can add audio narration with this recording. If your recording is completed, you can transfer it to the movie editor.

Mac Screen Recorder Studio allows the user to create a multi-layered tracks very easily within your editing timeline, it can also manage your video and audio clips, picture and text with unique effects, filters and also transitions.

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2. Voila

Voila is another well liked screen recording apps for Mac as it is not only a powerful strong and customizable screen recording software, but also it has a huge number of custom alternatives by which you can take screenshots which haven’t found in any other software.


Voila is not only finicky drop down menus to tricky highlighted areas, you can draw video and audio from external resource also. In the matter of sharing, Voila supports various one click publish alternatives, including Flickr, YouTube, Tumblr, Evernote, FTP, and many more. If you do not require best screen casting support, but you need only extensive support for screenshots, get Voila.

3. Quick Cast

The greater part of your recordings are saved to the account of your QuickCast for easy sharing. You can decide to record just a certain portion of the screen yet that is about the main alternative you do have. In the event that you record a great deal of short, sweet, and clear screencasts that need to be shared quickly and rapidly.

Best Free Screen Recorder for Mac

4. Screencast Maker

Screencast Maker is as same as QuickCast however, doesn’t have a time limitation. Simply select the area you’d like to record, the quality you need, and begin recording. QuickCast saves your documents in H264/AVC right to your PC for you to do with what you need.

Best Free Screen Recorder for Mac

If you need a basic application like QuickCast yet without the limit on video length, look at Screencast Maker.

5. QuickTime Player

QuickTime Player comes assembled right into each Mac and most of the individual don’t understand it additionally can do fundamental screen recordings. As long as you don’t have to just record a particular territory of the screen, QuickTime Player can catch your whole screen along with sound if you require it.


It’s e fundamental, but at the same time its completely free. In the event that your needs are exceptionally fundamental and don’t oblige recording specific territories of your screen, try the implicit QuickTime Player out.

6. Jing

Jing is actually screen capture apparatus that lets you to capture images, however you can do the video recording with this apps. To start recording, just utilize the capture tool and draw it to the area where you desire to record. Once you have chosen your area, you will be able to start recording.

Best Free Screen Recorder for Mac

Jing includes the alternative to utilize the mac during recording, so you can describe through your steps if that is important. It is one of the ideal tool for making video tutorials of up to 5 minutes.

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So these were some of the best screen recorder software for mac users which you can use to nake great videos and tutorial easily. make sure to suggest any other recorder in the comments below and also share on social media.


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