Best 7 Bluestacks Alternative to Play Apps for PC Without Bluestacks

Bluestacks is dominating player when it comes to play and run android apps for PC windows specially. You can try to install the software from the official link here in case you are facing any difficulty while installing it on you computer because sometimes user just install the old version of the software and find it difficult to install it on their PC. But if still you are facing the problem then you should try to look for the fix for the BlueStack problem which I have discussed here in details.



Although if you are still getting the error than you need to look for the Bluestacks alternatives, which is the only option available then. As the software requires more memory and consumes lot of RAM and it sometimes ask for the basic graphics card which might be creating the problem for you, hence It is advisable to go for the other options avail be which will be easy to install the android apps o n your PC without installing the Bluestacks on your PC

Here are the Best 7 Bluestacks alternative:

That is why we are here today with the Best 5 Bluestacks Alternative to play the app on your PC and laptop without any difficulty. These emulator are best option available and you don’t need to look for other alternative as these emulators are best in the market are free to use and mostly works for all the windows including windows 8/8.1/7 and Xp too.

So here is the list of best 5 Bluestacks Alternative:

Youwave Emulator :

Youwave is foremost choice of many who prefer to install the Bluestacks alternative on their system. Due to its good and easy to use user interface which is quite eye catching many prefer it over the Bluestacks. With lot more features that this emulator provides give it the ability to work quite efficiently on any pc with lower configuration too.


There are plenty of other features apart from installing the apps that it gives which include installing second operating system using previous one, virtual box system and many more. The processing speed is also quite good. The only sad thing about this app is that it is not free, although you can try the trail version but to use for longer you will need to pay for the app.

Download Youwave emulator to run apps

Android sdk emulator

Also called as native android emulator, android sdk emulator is the other choice that is also good in case you don’t want to install the above two emulator for your PC.



This emulator is free to use and is good for installing apps for pc, as it provides features such as supporting latest version of OS, better graphics quality and good quality of sound. Although you would need to install the basic kit first to install the emulator.

Download Android SDK emulator fro free

Andy Emulator


Andy is stock android emulator, which provides better android experience on your pc. Although it requires more configuration which might cause the problem when installing the app. There are many more features like there are customizable with wallpaper, widgets, shortcuts, notification tray etc.

Download Andy Emulator

Jar of beans emulator

Jar of beans is also one of the Bluestacks alternative with quite impressive features like it have support to latest version of the android OS and you can also install the apk file too easily by using this emulator.



With free to use feature this might be good alternative looking at the graphics and sound quality it provides. Also there are no hard configurations as of Bluestacks and it runs quite smoothly on all windows versions include in latest on windows 8.1.

Download Jar of beans Emulator


ManyMo is also another great considering the fact that it provides the ability to run apps online as well and the best part is that it can run on any Java supported web browser on Windows, Linux, and Macs etc as well.



Although it is not free to use, although you can try the trial version for free but you will need to pay some bucks to use for longer period, but it the worth the money if you buy it for your PC as it will also give you the ability to do much more when we look at the perspective of developers.

Download ManyMo emulator

Kitkat 4.4 with virtual box

If you are the developer than you must have use this on your PC because this is the way to test the android apps on your PC, but you can also use the same for running the android apps for pc as well. Being free to use you can try it if you are some tech geek and know some tweaks to setup the part.


That’s all, I think all these Bluestacks alternatives are sufficient for you, and you might have installed one of the above on your pc. Although I would be adding more alternative if I come across any in the future. Although you are also free to give your suggestion on any other emulator that you might have used. Also feel free to ask any query in the comment below for any of the trouble if you face, and don’t forget to share this with your friends too.


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