Best 6 Whatsapp Hacks and Tricks You Should Know

Whatsapp is a cross-platform of instant messaging application. Whatsapp certainly used by smart phones is fashionable today, this is an instant electronic messaging app. WhatsApp Messenger are commonly used in BlackBerry, iPhone, Windows Phone, Android, and Nokia pieces known as smart phones. But most of the technology and applications can be hacked easily, including whatsapp. The article further reads about the various whatsapp tricks.


Here are Whatsapp Hack and tricks you need to know:

Disable auto image download:

In earlier, versions of whatsapp, images, videos and audio files had automatic downloading, but now, there are some benefits to avoid this problem and add this option in its settings. So, you can control the automatic downloading of media files.

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Some more Amazing Whatsapp Tips and Tricks

Hide last seen for your Whatsup

The person last seen time stamp is displayed, when you are offline. It is a great feature that reveals whether you are online or not, of at what time you were last online.  You cannot hide yourself from your friends and they’ll keep chatting.

If you do not want to hide this “last seen”, from the time stamp on your account no app download needed. After installation, your timestamp ‘last seen’ check the option to hide.

Run the Multi Whatsapp in Android:

You can use other accounts, computer system, applications and data which can help to create profiles for use with your smartphone alone. After installation, SwitchMe open and create a new user profile. This user profile Shift to the second SIM card, you can connect to a number of benefits. So this way can easily to create multiple whatsup account in single android phone.

Change your friend’s profile picture

You are not able to change your friends profile picture directly, but with your phone you can change the picture. For this your friends he / she has been assigned to your picture as global. So, with your friends, it would be a great way to make fun.

Note – Disable WiFi / Data Link applications that can automatically update the image.

How to hide your whatsapp profile picture:

Your profile picture should cover an other visual image and then use it up. Setting a profile picture with privacy concerns or something else is another crucial activity with many fakes and unreliable source leading to misuse and disturbances.

After installation, this app will let you have other friends, this benefits cover will be hide your profile picture. So you can avoid the anonymous chat.

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Best Whatsapp status (Cool/Funny/Love/Sad)

In smartphone how to add easily friends profile picture using by whatsup images:

To save the contact picture to your phone, display this image in any number of your friends. If you want to use the profile pictures of your competition, that there is no need to crop the image to the screen, then it will be automatically updated in your communication profile. If you have the friends phone number saved in their name to find your friend’s profile picture easily.

How to stop these things?

If you suspect someone hacking benefits of your whatsapp then you just need to uninstall the app and again install it. If you find something suspicious, delete it. If you want to try anti-virus install it instantly. Check the permission of the use of X- privacy. Even if there was the slightest chance of error, it can be quickly rectified.


This article is quite small but gives many powerful benefits, tricks and tips. All the benefits are safe for your device to handle with security. WhatsApp Remote Hack, the hacker (s) not going to read your personal chats, because it requires a lot of effort. You can chat with your friends and other users with help of this incredible app. In order to experience a new level of your benefits, above listed tips, tricks and hacks can be used. All the above mentioned tricks will work on most Android devices. Benefits for you the best tips, tricks and hacks to properly ensure that all follow.


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