6 Best Fix for Bluestacks Not working on PC windows (solved)

In case you are not living under the rocks, then you might have heard about the Bluestacks which is widely popular software which is used to install the android apps on PC. Therefore you can test any type of android app on PC without installing it on your Smartphone, which is useful in case you don’t want to fill your memory of the device. That’s why it has got million of download and you will find this software on your friends PC if he is an android Smartphone user. This software is called as the android emulator and I have also shared some alternative to Bluestacks in my previous post.


Best Fix for Bluestacks Not working on PC

But installing this emulator is not the easy task as it might cause the problem and many users are facing difficulty while installing it on the pc. I myself got problem when I install the software on my pc. Many users are asking me that “Bluestacks is Not working” for me, what I do? Therefore I have come up with the list of best fixes that will ensure that you will be able to install the Bluestacks app easily on your PC.

There are many types of error that this app shows like error 25000, Bluestacks start failed, Bluestacks is starting and already running, Memory Error, Video Card Error and many more which are quite common and in this tutorial you would be getting fixes for all these problems.

1. Check you system requirements:

Although Bluestacks seems to be very small app when looking at the size of the app and installation process which s quite easy to do and doesn’t take very much time, but in reality it requires much more powerful system to run the app. Here is the basic requirement s that you should check in order to confirm that your system is capable of handling the app.

  1. At least 2 GB of RAM, better if you have 3-4 GB of RAM
  2. 2.4 GHz processor
  3. Above 1 GB free space in the drive where you will install the program
  4. Although graphics card is not required but you should have the inbuilt dedicated graphics memory of some MB.
  5. Latest graphics driver. If you don’t have it please install immediately from the official website of your laptop/PC sites.
  6. Direct x 11 or above
  7. Microsoft Dot net should be installed.
  8. Also make sure to reboot the PC before running the app.

2. Important for windows 8/8.1 users:

This point is especially for those who want to run the app on windows 8 or 8.1, as these OS systems are new, you would need to run the official installer from the official website here. In case you have bought the old version of Bluestacks from your friends and wants to run it on your PC, then it won’t work.

Make sure to install the official website only.

3. Try installing the offline Bluestacks installer:

This is more common that I though, because I too has the same problem when I tried to install the software from official website it didn’t installed and causing the various problem. Then I downloaded the offline version of the installer and it ran quite smoothly and I think you should also try to do the same to fix the issue.

Go to this link and install the offline version of the app and check for the error if any.

4. Graphic Card Errors:

As I said earlier this is the common problem as most of users don’t have the graphics driver installed on your PC. Remember I didn’t say that you should have graphics card, I said the graphics driver which might be for inbuilt graphics only. Although if your PC has the graphics card installed then its plus point for you and I think you should not have any kind of problem then.

  • Here is how you can check whether your graphics card is working properly or not.
  • Go to My computer>>Right click>>Manage>> Device manager and then click on the “Display adaptors”.



If it shows the drivers that mean that you are ok with graphics otherwise as I said download the driver immediately to run the app.

5. Failed to Connect to Server or internet.

If you get into the error like “Please check your internet connection and try again” while installing the Bluestacks then make sure to check internet connection first. Also make sure to reboot the system before running the app. This error might be because of the beta stage Bluestacks which is why server is not working properly and it might connection issue. As I said this is only a temporary problem and get fix easily.

6.  Bluestacks already starting or running.

This is the problem for those who have already installed the Bluestacks some time earlier and then they have deleted the software from the PC, now again if they are trying to install it on their same PC again it is not working while on the other hand it was working perfectly earlier when you installed it. This is the common problem and the reason for this problem is that the old Bluestacks files are already theirs which are affecting your new Bluestacks and making trouble for your new Bluestacks.

  1. In order to resolve this issue you need to delete all the old files from your PC which you can easily do so by searching the Bluestacks in your C drive. Search for the Bluestacks and then delete all the folders manually.
  2. Although I would recommend you to install the software with the help of some popular uninstaller software called “uninstaller” which also delete the registry files from the PC and therefore left no extra files and make clear whenever you try to install the software next time.

If nothing helps try:

Final thoughts:

That’s it. This was all about various solution for Bluestacks not working problem for many users, and I think as of now you might have been able to figure out what was casing the trouble for you. And now it’s time go and apply the tutorial. Although if you have any other idea, feel free to share with us in the comments below. In case you still facing any trouble while installing the emulators please feel free to ask in the comments. Also make sure to share with your other friends as well.


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